Jun 25, 2017

my little pool party.

I had a blast doing a MLP themed pool party collab with the bootyful Cass! Definitely check out her flickr and blog for not only for her outfit and the decor creds, but to see her awesome work. She's an established blogger and vlogger, and definitely someone I look up to. ♥♥

 Somehow we got on the topic of farts, and I spun it into a 'my little farts' tune, which lead to our playing Applejack and Pinkie Pie. Yes, ponies and farts go together. Shhh....

Moon Elixir - Motel Musings - 6 - Taupe Hat (Gacha)
 ! "Su Xue " straw stick hay bush weed Resize
neve swim top - frilled gingham
neve swim bottom - frilled gingham
Moon Elixir - Motel Musings - 21 - Taupe Boots (Gacha)

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