Apr 8, 2017


The Totally Top Shelf Treasure Hunt runs from  April 1st - 22nd. Grab a hud by joining the TTS Updates group inworld and checking notices, or from any of the participating stores. Use the hud to TP to stores and shop around. Once you have finished, you'll be able to go to the treasure room for free prizes!

[e] Karee
Verocity - Woodland Horns TTS Treasure Hunt
[Demonic] Mirialan Tattoo TTS Treasure Hunt
:Z.S: Velvet Eye Simple Pack TTS Treasure Hunt Grotto Gift
Bliensen + MaiTai - Gaston - Cat Necklace TTS Treasure Hunt Grotto Gift
HoneyB's Body Bandages TTS Treasure Adventure Hunt
*May's Soul* Muse Armour Black
Luas Yemina Skirt Maitreya Black (Gacha)
18{Flutter} butterflies on hand Bliss .::Cubic Cherry::. (Gacha)

Pose - La Baguette Soiree 2 (Combined w/ butterflies attachment)